Friday, January 4, 2008

Links for today:

Christopher Hitchens wrote an amazing piece in Slate in which he tears apart the caucus process as undemocratic.

You should be sure to go cast your ballot in the Crunchies awards. Twitter could use some love. I also like Kongregate. 

Kevin Fox is a pretty sharp guy who is leaving Google. I love how his blog post touches upon the psychology of leaving that place. It really was such a part of my life. 

This isn't mind-blowing or anything, but sometimes I just like to take note of the actual numbers around a business like digital music. We all talk in broad strokes about the phenomenon, but it's good to look at the growth data from time to time. 


iamnanking said...

You are incredibly good at not starting sentences with "I" - something I've decided to work on in 2008.

nanfan said...

Turns out, this is particularly difficult at times. The more spontaneous and emotional my feelings, the greater the temptation to start sentences like that.