Sunday, January 13, 2008

By popular demand . . .

Browser issues . . . and late night Rock Band issues . . . have prevented adequate hoarding of appropriate links for this discerning audience. That, and the fact that we have had to call multiple staff meetings over here to work on how we might combat the Aspen Truffle Promotion Board's formidable wooing campaign. Never to be outdone, however, we present you with a few interesting touchpoints from the series of tubes:

The Dead Bug Funeral Kit is a hoot, though I feel it could be done even better. In fact, one could develop an entire line of semi-archival quality, Royal Tennenbaums/Wes Anderson style artifacts like this. Time capsules, lost teeth, personal firsts, locks of hair, you name it.

My vial of spit was finally delivered to and I should know my genetic testing results within four to six weeks. It took great lengths to pull my name off the files. Strange to see how my perceptions of privacy have evolved. In the meantime, this site is a great primer on the basics.

This was a pretty legit article on big wave surfing and Mavericks. One of the challenges I first had when I started was finding people or resources to have fact and science based conversations with me out there. In my opinion, the stereotypes apply to most guys in the water and the few who are serious know the mechanics of the water in and out.

This post has been making its way around the digerati blogs over the last couple of days asking us to reconsider ten common logical myths. Let me say that I love thinking like this. Calling bullshit on teachers as a kid as they would spout off American history fallacies was a passion of mine. That said, there still isn't necessarily a sense of web authentication or social proof of the value of this site, so I am hesitant to share this too broadly.

Maybe there are more differences than parallels, but sometimes I think watching Bode Miller can help you understand me. He just won Wengen's downhill giving him a tie for most World Cup victories by an American. You might remember a Wengen poster from my living room. It is grey background with a guy in the air, arms flailing. It is no accident I put that one up. It's my style and Bode's. He is not capable of being conventional. He just doesn't have it in his bones. Bode rethinks every aspect of the sport and just goes for it. Along the way, he is polarizing. People either love him or reject him. They can't digest him. When he finishes, he wins by outrageous margins, but he also crashes more than anyone out there. This has been my biggest challenge in trying to train for this race. The books, coaches, etc. all tell me I have to find my middle gear. I have to discover level 5. So far, it has been futile and I feel overwhelmed when I try. Thinking about it gets me emotional.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Link Booty

Every single money shot from Knight Rider over the years. The Internet never hesitates to fascinate me with the length to which people will go to pursue inane homage.

The final post from a soldier/blogger killed in Iraq. It is hard to keep yourself together reading this one. On a related note, I once found a note my mom and dad wrote to me and my brother in the event something happened to them on a trip to Northern Ireland back during the troubles. It is the kind of thing we should all read from time to time and remind ourselves of how lucky we are to have the people we love in our lives.

Pay attention to this deal and I will describe more about it over the phone sometime.

Who doesn't adore design orgies?

This link to stupidfilter may have been included in an earlier set, but I love the intelligence behind it. Using AI to identify stupid comments.

A genius video. They brought every sample to life. Love it. Just watched it three times.

Umm. How did I not realize as a kid that Frankie was gay?

No one piece of culture had more impact on me than Rockit. It actually makes me tear up to think about that. My love of music and my affinity for technology were seared on my DNA by this track. It's disarming how sentimental I can get remembering how many batteries I drained on my boomlet box. I wrecked so many records scratching them, begged for a synthesizer for Christmas, and disassembled every appliance I could find pretending I was a robotics engineer. Funny confesssion: there is a scratch sample that comes up around 3:10 that I used to think was saying "do you want a Sucret?" (Sore throats haunted me as a kid.)

Mr. Rogers has the most loving voice in the world even when testifying to the Senate. "We deal with such things as the inner drama of childhood. We don't have to bop somebody over the head to make drama on the screen. We deal with such things as getting a haircut." All that said, not sure if I feel comfortable watching Mr. Rogers breakdancing.

Data visualizations are like porn for me.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

David Lynch gets hit own link

David Lynch with some very considered reflection on the theme of mobile content consumption.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Special Edition Links

For the rodeo:

This appears to be a solid list of cowboy slang.

A few more beauties on this site.

Turns out that the PBR is actually owned by the athletes themselves. Pretty kickass.

Of course, the Wikipedia does not disappoint in its knowledge of the sport of bullriding

In case there will be any sidebetting, here is a link to the season standings on the PBR tour. I must say, I am disappointed that only two of these guys have double initials in lieu of a first name.

Links for today:

Christopher Hitchens wrote an amazing piece in Slate in which he tears apart the caucus process as undemocratic.

You should be sure to go cast your ballot in the Crunchies awards. Twitter could use some love. I also like Kongregate. 

Kevin Fox is a pretty sharp guy who is leaving Google. I love how his blog post touches upon the psychology of leaving that place. It really was such a part of my life. 

This isn't mind-blowing or anything, but sometimes I just like to take note of the actual numbers around a business like digital music. We all talk in broad strokes about the phenomenon, but it's good to look at the growth data from time to time. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Green Circles

It's a Pavlovian response. Honed over the last year.

I log into email, see a green circle next to your name showing you are online, and know that laughs and intrigue await.

Hard to override that program.

I have a fun CNBC update I want to send you in email.

Some links . . .

Turns out our buddy Francis Ford Coppola owns two hotels in Belize and one in Guatemala.

A collection of the best intellectual YouTube channels. Reminds me of how you devoured TED Talks.

Ordered this today. Can't wait!

Fascinating article about process flows, simplification, and healthcare. Couldn't help but think of you while reading this.

Loved focusing on this airplane and nothing else for 55 seconds.

Is this a great advance in user experiences? Or is this information we really don't want?