Friday, January 4, 2008

Special Edition Links

For the rodeo:

This appears to be a solid list of cowboy slang.

A few more beauties on this site.

Turns out that the PBR is actually owned by the athletes themselves. Pretty kickass.

Of course, the Wikipedia does not disappoint in its knowledge of the sport of bullriding

In case there will be any sidebetting, here is a link to the season standings on the PBR tour. I must say, I am disappointed that only two of these guys have double initials in lieu of a first name.


Anonymous said...

I was moderately disappointed that there was no PBR (beer) at PBR (event).

iamnanking said...

Learned a couple of interesting tidbits last night: if the bull runs in a line rather than in circles there is a do-over option for the rider. And, more points are scored if the bull changes his direction at some point during the 8 second ride.

Anonymous said...

you may have wanted to include this gem in the rodeo section